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CG Schmidt has a demonstrated record of safety innovation. We were the:

first contractor in our region to use guardrails and hard hats;
first to mandate the covering ofopenings within buildings during construction; and
first to have a safety director on staff.

In fact, the Associated General Contractors of Milwaukee named their top safety award after Harvey Peterson, CG Schmidt’s first safety director, to honor his pioneering efforts in construction safety. Our Experience Modifier Rating (EMR) ranks CG Schmidt in the top 2% of the safest contractors in the nation. Insurance companies use this number to calculate rates for construction firms.

In 2002, CG Schmidt entered into a unique partnership agreement with OSHA to create a site-specific safety pact for the 875 East Wisconsin project in downtown Milwaukee. We signed a similar pact for the GE Healthcare project (over 110,000 man-hours of work in place with ZERO recordable injuries)at the Milwaukee County Research Park. These pacts are two of only five such agreements to date in the State of Wisconsin.

Focused On Prevention

At CG Schmidt we have proven that nearly all accidents can be prevented through careful project planning and instilling a safety awareness mindset in our project teams.

Our first and foremost concern is the health and safety of the workers at our construction sites. Simply put, we want everyone to go home in the same condition they started the day. A major accident can have a devastating impact on a worker’s future livelihood and on his or her family.It’s our obligation as a company that cares to prevent this from happening.

Continual Innovation

We are not content to rely on our past accomplishments. Here is what we are doing today to improve safety awareness on all of our projects:

  • CG Schmidt is the only construction manager working in Southeastern Wisconsin to be accepted by OSHA into the Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) which is OSHA's highest recognition for workplace safety. Acceptance means that our safety record, policies and procedures have reached a level where OSHA has placed their trust in CG Schmidt to self-regulate safety compliance and performance.
  • Newer CG Schmidt employees wear color-coded hard hats so more “seasoned employees” can mentor them while they are learning CG Schmidt’s safety standards.
  • All of our project superintendents have completed the OSHA 30-hour safety course, first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator course.
  • All of our project managers, foreman and lead people have completed the OSHA 10-hour safety course and the NFPA 70E arc flash course.
  • Our safety director, Frank Slamar, is the current chair of the Milwaukee Construction Industry Safety Council.