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Recent advances in computer modeling are making real inroads toward changing how buildings are designed and constructed. These new technologies and processes, generally referred to as Virtual Design and Construction or VDC, help close the gap between idea creation (design) and execution (construction). CG Schmidt embraces these technologies and processes and has invested heavily to leverage these benefits for our customers.

At CG Schmidt, our goal is not to push the use of technology just because it is new or trendy. We believe BIM should be used when it creates discernible value for the customer. We are upfront about the fact that BIM does not solve all the challenges or explain all the intricacies of a construction project.

It is also important to note that CG Schmidt does not use BIM as a profit center, but rather as a collaboration tool where it adds value. When applied appropriately, BIM can enhance the design and construction process.

Here are some benefits we have discovered with the use of BIM / VDC:

  • 3D models to enhance communication and collaboration
  • Design and trade coordination
  • Construction sequence planning and schedule visualization
  • Options analysis to evaluate "what-if" scenarios
  • Material take-offs and cost estimates of information. Everything is double checked.