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The Mayfair Woods project was not always a CG Schmidt project. The project was originally awarded to another contractor, who was then removed just two months later. This alone makes the project unique. The fact that the owner, Irgens Development Partners, is pursuing LEED Certification makes it a tremendous challenge.

Inheriting the project from another contractor means two months of specialized CG Schmidt front ends were lost. By that time, many subcontracts were awarded and agreements were made. The project team has learned very quickly just how refined CG Schmidt’s processes are compared to those of other firms. Subcontractors recognize this difference and enjoy working with us and appreciate the way we treat them.

Because this is a LEED project, the impacts to the field and site conditions become more numerous. Such impacts include stringent rules about vegetation and grade disruption, reduction of the 12-acre site, limits on lay-down and mobilization space, and material specifications.

This project is currently on schedule and under budget.