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Integrity Guides Our Proven Process

When you begin to consider the possibility of new and/or renovated facilities in your district, you are likely to be considering the challenges of a referendum.

Our experience with board members, superintendents and business managers has taught us that when the word “referendum” pops up, the question of which voters will likely vote for it or against it typically follows not long after.

With CG Schmidt’s assistance team, we will help guide community stakeholders through the referendum process in a timely, ethical way.

We combine our leadership and strategic partners to bring customized solutions to your referendum project. This helps you gain a better awareness of your need to renovate and/or upgrade your facilities. Whether it is a grassroots committee or consultant-led campaign, we will serve on your behalf to find the right answers and the right message.

Our process is proven and significantly increases the probability of the referendum passing. This is all backed by a name Wisconsin school districts have trusted for 95 years... CG Schmidt.

For more information, contact:

Dan Davis, PE – Senior Vice President