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World-class Craftsmanship with No Surprises

The majority of CG Schmidt clients make use of the skill and experience of our in-house trades people. In the last three years, about 80 percent of CG Schmidt projects included some form of self-performance from general conditions work to demolition, concrete and carpentry. When we self-perform work, we initiate overall control of the schedule, maximize labor efficiencies, establish the standards for quality and safety, and ultimately provide you with a better product. In most cases, CG Schmidt performs this work based on competitively bid fixed labor rates and mark-ups.

Our customers realize that in the end, there is very little risk to them for the potential benefits. CG Schmidt provides a line-item guarantee for our self-performed trades to eliminate the potential for unexpected cost escalations. Finally, CG Schmidt stands behind the workmanship and quality of our work for the life of the building.

When we self-perform work on a negotiated basis, we yield the following benefits for the project:

  • Better Schedule Control. Cast in place concrete drives the construction of the building shell. Carpentry work drives many of the interior finish trades. When CG Schmidt self-performs work in these categories, we are better able to influence the rate at which all subsequent activities take place.
  • Cost Savings. When self-performing work, CG Schmidt has been able to maximize labor efficiencies and reduce overall schedule time. These benefits provide cost savings in general conditions and labor. Any savings below our line item caps flows back to you under the contract savings terms. In the end, you only pay for the actual cost of the work.
  • Enhanced Quality and Safety. CG Schmidt has been self-performing work in Wisconsin for all of our 89 years in business. We have a proven work force that receives on-going training in the areas of quality assurance and safety. Testimonials from previous clients indicate that when we self perform work, our projects have a higher degree of overall quality and fewer lost-time accidents.
  • Fewer Work Scope Disputes. When CG Schmidt self-performs work on a negotiated basis, it is our obligation to provide a full scope of work under our line-item cap. To do this, we have to make reasonable inferences from the plans – not just price explicitly what is detailed. This means fewer change orders.